The term Access Control makes reference to restricting entry to a Building, a room or property and allows entry only for persons that have authorization to enter. Physical Access Control can be enforced by a person or animal (a guard, a doorman, receptionist or guard dog), or through more traditional mechanical means such as chains, locks and keys, or by erected structures such as Fences, Walls or more deviously, access control Physical Access Control really boils down to who, where, and when we can enter a restricted area. The whole idea is to determine who is permitted to come and go, where to exit or enter, and at what time or intervals they are allowed to do that. [clear] access-control-x200In the past, this was mostly accomplished with Keys, Locks, Chains or simple Door Bars. Depending on how a Lock was set up, only a key holder could enter or exit via that door. These mechanical locks though do not restrict the key holder to a specific time frame as to when he can exit or enter, nor do they monitor or keep track of who and when some one goes through that door or gate. Also to mention is that keys are relatively easy to copy or duplicate and could be passed on to any body. Should a key holder for-fit his right to access any and all keys would have to be changed or rekeyed. Electronic Access Control on the other hand employees computers to resolve the obvious short comings of mechanical Locks and Keys. Here, the use of a wide range of issued credentials can over come the limitations of traditional mechanical locking mechanisms and keys.


The Electronic Access Control system permits access strictly based on the credential presented. When the door is unlocked, it is for a certain predetermined amount of time that access is granted and the entry or exit transaction is recorded. When access is not granted, the door remains locked but the attempt is recorded and can be reviewed. Additional benefits of these systems are, that any attempts to enter by force are not only registered by will trigger an alarm and alert either the police or a security agency. At Access Key and Security we utilize the latest in electronic Access Control to keep your Business or Commercial Facility safe and to give you piece of mind. When dealing with us you have decades of experience installing or maintaining Locks and Safeguards that will make it impossible for intruders to get in or out of your place or Business.

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