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Full Service Commercial Locksmith San Antonio
Access Key & Security is a leading full service commercial locksmith in San Antonio. We want to be your trusted partner for all of your Access Control and Security needs. Whether you’re looking for something simple or a more complex commercial solution Access Key & Security is your answer. Our comprehensive service includes:

Retail-Commercial Locksmith Services, San Antonio

Retail Locksmith Services

We can install Magnetic Door Closers for your front doors and Panic Bars for the rear Exit. Don’t forget a great CCTV Security Camera System to keep an eye on things.

Industrial-Commercial Locksmith Services San Antonio

Industrial Locksmith Services

No more Chain and Padlock. We have great new Solutions to secure the largest Gates and Loading Dock Roll Doors. Of course keep in mind to ask us to install a CCTV Camera System to see whats going on on your premises. It will help you keep the insurance premiums down. We have a great selection Industrial Door Handles and Door Hardware

Institutional-Commercial Locksmith Service San Antonio

Institutional Locksmith Services

Push-bars, Panic-bars, Magnetic Door Locks, Security Locks and CCTV Camera Systems are just few Access Control features that come into play here.

Multifamily-Appartment-Commercial Locksmith Services San Antonio

Multifamily Locksmith Services

Apartments: can you say Re-Key, New Locks, Deadbolts and as always a Security Camera System to know what’s happening on your premisses. Electronically controlled Front Gates to make your occupants feel saver are another service we offer.

CCTV and Access Control, Commercial Locksmith San Antonio

CCTV & Surveillance Systems

More important then ever, a CCTV Camera System is a must for any Business or Commercial facility. You can’t afford not to be in the know, decrease your liability and if some thing goes wrong you can help the authorities to get perpetrators faster by showing them the recordings.


Access Control Systems

Access control pretty much cover any and all Locksmith Services. Mostly though it refers to Businesses and Commercial applications. Electronic Key Pad controlled entry systems, Magnetic Card and Retina Scan Access Solutions. More conventional but still very effective High Security Locks, Master Key Locks, Commercial Door Hardware, Commercial Door Handles and more..


If your business owns a fleet of commercial vehicles, then Access Key & Security knows there are two things that really matter to you. The productivity of your drivers and the security of your vehicles. That’s why we offer fleet services designed specifically to address these two areas.

Through our vehicle tracking service, you will have the ability to keep track of unauthorized stops that your drivers may be making. Since this is real time tracking, you can even call your drivers if they stray from their routes. Alternatively, if you notice that a driver is headed into a high traffic situation you can alert your driver to use a different route – thereby allowing your drivers to meet their deadlines.

Another instance where vehicle tracking can help your business is in high jacking or theft situations. If one of your vehicles is stolen, you can report its location to your local law enforcement so that they can assist in the speedy recovery of your vehicle.

In addition to vehicle tracking, another fleet management service that Access Key & Security offers is that we can cut spare keys for your vehicles, so that in the event that someone loses a key your vehicle doesn’t have to stay off the road.


Believe it or not one of the biggest security challenges for most businesses is key management. That’s because it’s so easy for employees to lose keys, duplicate them without your knowledge or not return the keys when they leave the company. A simple way to address this problem is to use an electronic entry system.

There are numerous types of electronic entry systems on the market. Two of the most common are the card systems and the electronic keypad control system. Access Key & Security offers these types of access control systems, as well as several others.

The good thing about either system is that they allow your company to monitor and keep a record of everyone who comes in and out of your doors. Finding the best fit for your company will depend on several factors. One of them is the number of employees that work at the facility.

For example, if your business employs a large number of workers an access card system may be preferable to the keypad system because anytime an employee leaves the company without returning their badge, it can be reprogrammed so that it no longer allows entry into the building.


Another problem area for many businesses is theft and low employee productivity. Fortunately, you can address both problems with one solution – closed circuit television (CCTV). In fact, one of the nice things about CCTV is that they offer a myriad of uses.
For example, in addition to being able to help law enforcement to solve crimes and encouraging employees to be productive (even when the boss isn’t looking), CCTV’s can help sort out disputes and can prevent visitors from making false claims against your employees. Access Key & Security offers a variety of CCTV systems and we also offer an installation service, as well.


According to the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), the best defense against burglaries is to install a high security lock. In fact, high security locks are your best defense against lock picking and lock bumping.

When combined with a good strike plate high security locks can also make it very difficult if not impossible to kick your door down. Access Key & Security offers a wide selection of high security locks for your business.


While restricted keyways are often confused with high security locks, these are actually two different things. Adding to the confusion is the fact that many times restricted keyway locks are also high security locks. Nonetheless, not all restricted keyways are high security locks and vice versa.
A restricted keyway lock is a cost effective way to manage who has access to your company’s duplicate keys. So let’s say for instance, that you had an employee who quit and after leaving, the ex-employee tried to get a key copy made.
The locksmith would check his ID against the list of persons that are authorized to duplicate your keys and after the locksmith notices that the former employee is not among the names listed, he’d politely decline copying the key.


For customers that rely on deadbolts and other forms of keyed locks, we also offer a commercial rekeying service. The way that it works is that any time you have an employee leave your company we can change your lock so that the old employees’ key no longer works in that lock. This is just one of the ways that Access Key & Security goes above and beyond for our customers’!


Access Key & Security understands the importance of being able to offer comprehensive commercial locksmith services. As such, we go into each job with a sense of urgency. A big part of this is being prepared with all of the proper forms of hardware, so that whether you need fleet management, electronic entry, CCTV, high security locks or restricted keyway services we are able to address your needs – on the spot.
Additionally, we work with all of the major brands of commercial locks, access control systems, CCTVs and etc. This is all part of our commitment to add value to your organization.

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